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Disney Day 3: The Return of Maria

This was our second day in the Magic Kingdom.  Wayne, Andy, Joey and I actually got to walk down Main Street in the morning, toward the castle.  We stopped to take pictures of Minnie and Mickey with some of Main Street's residents.  We handed them to this woman in Victorian garb and she made up this very funny little puppet show about Mickey trying to stop Minnie from shopping so much.  Very, very cute.  Maria was still absent at this point.  She joined us later that day. 

From Main Street we went straight into Adventureland and we all got on Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride.  Andy was a little freaked out at first but quickly got the hang of controlling the carpet, going up and down.  Then Joey discovered a cluster of tiki statues that spit water and the two boys played around them for a little while. We were lucky enough to walk right onto Pirate of the Caribbean with no wait at all.  I loved the changes made to the ride to add Jack Sparrow and elements of the movies to the ride.  Especially Davy Jones projected onto the mist.  SO AWESOME!  We also saw The Enchanted Tiki Room show, which I was disappointed in greatly.  The latest refurb added Zazu from the Lion King and Iago from Aladdin and it sucked.  Why do they think they have to mess with classic attractions-- especially ones devised by Walt?  Leave them alone.  Not everything has to tie into a movie.  Grrrr. We also went on the Jungle Cruise, one of my favorites, corny jokes and all, and got some popcorn to share cause after all that, we were hungry. 

We started looking for somewhere to eat and wandered over toward Frontierland.  We found Pecos Bill's-- a gigantic counter service place.  The place was massive.  Joey was asleep in his stroller so we pulled into the first dining room and found a big table in the corner.  I left Wayne with the boys and went to get lunch.  Using the DIsney Dining Plan, we ended up with this MASSIVE tray of food.  Wayne and I had pulled pork sandwiches, which came with baked beans, chili cheese fries, soda and dessert.  The kids meal was a big cheeseburger with grapes, applesauce, chocolate chip cookie and milk.  Since Disney doesn't consider a 1-year-old to be a person, Joey and Andy shared a single meal between them the whole time we were there and it was ALWAYS more than enough food.  We usually threw some of their food away.  Plus, Pecos Bill's had a fabulous fixings bar with sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, hot peppers, chopped raw onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and other stuff.  It was great!  Even though our lunches came with dessert (overly sweet carrot cake for me and yogurt for Wayne, which Andy ate) before we got too far from Adventureland, Wayne ran back to Aloha Isle and got us the famous Dole Whips.  One was essentially pineapple soft serve and it was delicious!  The other was a pineapple float-- vanilla soft serve in pineapple juice. YUM!

As we were leaving Pecos Bill's we caught the tail end of Woody  and Jesse signing autographs and taking pictures.  The cast member with them told me they'd be back after Cowboy Camp.  So we waited for a few minutes and wandered down the road to watch Cowboy Camp.  It was so cute-- a little middle-of-the-street show where they taught the kids how to be cowboys (say "Hey Howdy Hey, ride the range, dance up a storm) and swore them in.  We then went back to take pictures.  Twas adorable and both the kids were over any character fear at that point.  

After meeting Woody and Jesse we wandered down through Frontierland.  There was still a lot of time before the parade so we went to see the Country Bears Jamboree which was just opening up it's doors.  When we came out it was the perfect time to start looking for a good spot for the parade and we found one right in front.  We settled in and waited for it to start.  Going through the pictures, there's one of Andy watching down the road, waiting for the parade and it's one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever taken.  You can see all the wonder and anticipation in his eyes.  I absolutely love it. 

After the parade, we traveled with the massive crowd through Liberty Square to Fantasyland.  We started off riding It's a Small World- another of my favorites and then for the first time ever, Andy asked to go on a ride.  He wanted to get in the flying elephants and was not happy about having to wait in line.  We rode and he giggled the whole time-- another magical moment for me as a mom.  Then we all wandered over to Pooh's Playful Spot, a little playground area between the Dumbos and the Teacups.  Andy entertained himself on the slide.  Maria called to let me know she was in the park and looking for us.  Joey found the area where water spits up from the ground and got himself soaked. 

Maria found us.  I bought a new (dry) outfit to change Joey.  We pulled a screaming Andy from the playground and headed toward Columbia Harbor House for dinner.  I had half a tuna sandwich and a bowl of New England Clam Chowder and an apple tart.  Wayne had Fish and Chips with apple slices and a yogurt.  The kids had mac and cheese, grapes, applesauce and a cookie. 

After eating, we went over to Tomorrowland and got our Extra Magic Hours bracelets.  Andy wanted to go on the cars so I suggested that it would be a perfect bonding experience for Andy and his Aunt Maria.  Thus I got to sit down for awhile and Joey was passed out in his stroller.  I missed them by two minutes as they passed under the grandstand viewing area so I didn't get a picture.  Maria reported that Andy really liked driving but she was glad for the guardrail guiding the car.  Hee hee.  It was his first time steering so I guess it's okay. 

We walked back over toward the castle to see the fireworks and we thought we'd found a great spot, but alas, the fireworks were behind a tree so we walked back over to Fantasyland and Andy and Maria rode Cinderella's Golden Carousel before we headed back toward the buses.

We were staying at the Pop Century, a value resort, and had been told at the concierge that they were booked solid.  Nowhere was this more evident than leaving the MK that night.  The stop for Pop Century was the last one in the row... all the way down past 11 other stops.  We were in about the fourth row of the chain maze to wait for the bus.  The chain maze was full and the line stretched all the way back past all the other bus stops to the gates of the Magic Kingdom.  INSANITY.  I was really glad we left when we did and I have to wonder how many hours the people at the back end of that line waited.

Back in our room, Wayne and I were kind of munchy.  So before we crashed, we watched a little bit of Pirates 2 and ordered a pepperoni pizza.