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Disney Day 2

We tried to sleep in, I swear, but that Joey just loves 7 am.  We woke up, got dressed, stopped off at Classic Hall and refilled our mugs before heading to the Magic Kingdom.  I was so excited just waiting in line for the bus. 

When we got to the park, we were stopped by a cast member and asked if we were interested in a taking a technology survey for Disney.  I looked at Wayne and we both said yes.  So we followed the CM to Exposition Hall.  With all of my financial problems and stuff, I was sure I'd never get to walk down Main Street USA again so just walking under the railroad tracks onto Main Street, I was getting all weepy and I was so afraid that someone might notice as we went to a counter to fill out some forms.

Turned out we were going to test a new system Disney is working on, using a Nintendo DS.  They loaded all of the park information and maps into this thing and it had some kind of GPS built into it too.  So you could use it to tell you how to get to certain rides and attractions, food spots or restrooms and it would give you a map with a dotted line, telling you where to go.  It had character checklists, wish lists, ride wait times and cool games that could only be unlocked by going on the associated ride or seeing a certain show... overall, awesome.  We got to carry it around all day and it was SO helpful. 

From there, I took Joey to get on line at the Barber Shop for his first haircut and Wayne took Andy to go get us all mouse ears and a snack.  It seemed like forever until it was our turn at the Barber and a nice lady named Beverlene gave Joey his very first haircut.  To keep him occupied and looking down, she put Mickey stickers all over his legs.  When he was all done, she gave me some of his hair, mixed with pixie dust in a little pouch, a certificate and Joey got ears that had "first haircut" embroidered on the back.  (Photos are coming, I promise!)

Along with our ears, Wayne purchased cute Minnie and Mickey dolls in Year of a Million Dreams outfits (blue sparkly fancy clothes) and he had the great idea of taking pictures of them all over the park for Lexi and Nathan.  The plan is to give them the dolls and a little photo album/story book with their adventures in Disney World.

After we were all appropriately ear-ed up, we went up the ramp to get on the WED Railroad over to Toontown Fair.  Don't know why we went there first.  Andy wanted to ride the train.  It was drizzling just a teeny bit.  When we got to Toontown, Andy and Joey played for a little while in Toon Park, a small play area with a slide.  From there we went through Mickey's house and then to see Mickey at the Judge's Tent.  Andy wanted nothing to do with him, but Joey fell in love.  It was so sweet. 

From Toontown Fair we walked over to Tomorrowland for some food.  By now it was time for a late lunch and we ended up at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, which was okay with me because I wanted to see Sonny Eclipse, their "live" entertainment.  We used a Disney Dining Plan Quick service meal.  We had SO MUCH FOOD!!  Wayne and I both had Chili Cheese Dogs with Cheese Fries and dessert.  The kids split a chicken fingers meal.  The amount of food they give you is just insane.  Definitely not a friend to diets, but still awesome. 

From Cosmic Ray's we did the Carousel of Progress (one of my favorites) and The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.  We had Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Wayne spent some time playing with the Nintendo DS.  I did a little shopping.  Joey was sacked out in the stroller so we walked across the bridge to the garden in front of the castle and took some pictures before heading back toward the hotel for naps before our big evening out.

I should mention that Maria wasn't with us this day because she went to Gasparilla with some work friends.

The boys napped, Wayne and I hung out in the room and then it was time for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue dinner show.  I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to get there.  We took the bus back to the Magic Kingdom and from there we took a boat to the Fort Wilderness Campground.  It was dark and a little drizzly again but the walk from the dock to Pioneer Hall where the show is took less than five minutes.  You don't actually go in until your show time so I don't know why they tell you to get there a half hour early.  We were there an hour early and ended up having to entertain the boys.  They both got spinny light necklaces and I got a carved silver ring with my name on it.  We took some pictures and it was time to head in.  I didn't really know what to expect.  All I had heard was that the show was a must-see, the jokes are corny and the food is good.  Having done it, I now whole-heartedly agree with all of those statements.

We had category 1 seating and were at a table pushed up against the stage.  Andy and Joey looked confused but got really into it as the show went on.  I took a picture of Andy swinging his napkin in the air to the tune of "This Land is My Land"  and the look on his face is PURE JOY.  It was awesome.  Dinner was AYCE, family style fried chicken and ribs with beans, mashed potatoes, salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  So yummy!!!  The show was kind of corny but I found myself laughing a lot and singing along.

To get back to the resorts they had buses lined up waiting for us outside.  It was a lot easier than I expected.
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