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Juli's Hollywood Rundown

If you haven't seen Ratatouille, you need to.  It's adorable.

Watched Pirates 1 last night for the first time in awhile.  Still love it.

Finally saw High School Musical.  I thought it was cute.

DVDs waiting to be watched:  Pirates 2 & 3, National Treasure, High School Musical 2.

Britney Spears:  What do they need to do to get this girl committed?  She seems to be in desperate need of serious help.  They need to take her back to Louisiana and away from the media, paparazzi and the disaster her life has become and let her heal.

Brad Renfro: Not really familiar with him or his work.

Writers Strike:  Sad that they had to acquiesce to taking unionizing animation and reality writers off the table to get talks started again but glad that maybe the strike will end soon.

Heath Ledger:  I loved Brokeback Mountain.  I'm very sad for his two-year-old daughter.  Otherwise, I don't really feel anything about it.  It's always sad when someone so young dies suddenly but I don't really feel upset by it.  I'm more upset about the needless deaths daily in the Middle East.  I don't get why all these celebrities are coming out with statements regarding his death.  He worked with Mel Gibson once and they're both Australian, so that's sort of understandable but John Travolta?  What's the connection there?



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Jan. 23rd, 2008 04:07 pm (UTC)
National Treasure


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