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Just ordered tickets to see Rent on May 17, two weeks before it closes.  Wayne has only ever heard the CDs and seen the movie.  I'm psyched to see it live again.  The energy in that theater is just so intense and fun.  For Christmas I received tickets for Wicked on my birthday.  I've been psyched to see that for awhile too.  Now all that's left on my list is Spring Awakening.

Yesterday I shuffled all of our advance dining reservations for our table service meals in Disney to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours benefits for people staying at Disney Resorts.  Since it's so close, I couldn't change a couple of things and that leaves us running around a little bit more but that's okay.  Like on the day we're going to the Animal Kingdom we're actually having a character breakfast first at Hollywood Studios.  I'm so excited to leave (ONE WEEK!!!!) and proud of myself for really trying to maximize our enjoyment and researching how things work.  I can't wait to see my boys' faces when they're there.  They're so happy to watch the planning DVD that I know we're going to have a great time.

Other than that, I'm job searching..there are a couple things I'm really interested in doing if someone will only give me a chance. 

Andy is currently on the couch playing Click Start- which is his new favorite toy.  He likes the Typing Time game where he spells out the words he knows...Andy, Joey, Lexi, Mommy, THX.   Joey started doing something really funny this morning.  He tripped over something on the floor and fell and he shouted, "Fell down!" I asked if he was okay and he said, "Fine."  It's only funny because that's Andy's way to get some attention. 
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