November 11th, 2009

Jersey Girl

Why this week?


I swear there are like 20 things going on this week or this weekend.  Most weeks I'm scrounging for something to do.  This week, on Thursday, there's a Weight Management Support Group meeting and my mom's group's monthly Mom's Night Out.   Ironic that those two things should be scheduled the same night.  

On Friday, there was a mom's group Mom's Night In that I had planned to go to but it was cancelled.  There's also an "Evening With Edward" Twilight screening and cocktail party at another mom friend's house and three separate scrapbooking events.  If I go out Friday at all, it will be to the vampire event but I think three nights out in a row may be too much to ask of Wayne.

Saturday is the actual date of the crop that I thought was last Saturday.  I can't go this week because I committed to attending a different crop, headed up by my friend Joanne, who is also my Creative Memories consultant.  The  mom's group is also having a lunch get together that afternoon. 

Arrrgghh!  Why can't stuff be more spread out????