October 26th, 2009


Harrisburg Zombie Walk 2009

Oh the grossness that was me on Saturday.  Wayne too.  

We attended the first annual Zombie Walk in Harrisburg along with 250 or so other people.  I fully believe that had it not been a rainy, gray day there would have been more zombies.  

The preparations began the night before by zombifying our clothes.  I took an old bridesmaid's dress out of the back of my closet and "distressed" it.  Wayne destroyed some scrubs that we had from the school where we used to work.  We cut stuff, rubbed scissors along cuffs, sprayed the clothes with paint and water (for a nifty moldy effect), threw blood on them and literally dragged them through the mud.  

On Saturday morning we had to go to Wayne's parents' house first to pick up an old dresser they were giving us.  It was getting pretty late so I started doing my latex prothetic pieces in the car.  I had to spread the liquid latex on my face and then lay tissue over it to build up the layers to create realistic looking wounds.  Then the latex has to cure before you can makeup over it.  I was getting many interesting looks from the people driving on the road next to us.  Hee hee.  For the walk, I did a big gash from each side of my mouth and a little slash on my forehead.  
We met Niki and drove over to her friend Mel's house in Harrisburg and I did Wayne's makeup there but he was sweaty and had gotten a little rained on so I had a really hard time getting the latex to stick to him.  In the end, the uncured latex looked remarkably like decaying flesh so that was a good thing.   Once we were all zombified, we walked over to City Island and did the walk around town.  

It was a very, very cool thing.  There were tons of people with cameras- both still and video--all over.  People were laughing and having a good time watching all of these bizarre people lumbering around the city.  There were far too many cries of "BRAINS!" going on though.  Zombies don't talk! My only disappointment was that there was not a single Michael Jackson zombie.  

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