October 23rd, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Dinner Impossible at Sesame Place

I guess I didn't write a post about it when it happened.  Sometime in June or July Steve asked me to make sure I was early for our Tuesday exchange of the boys.  Something special was going on at Sesame Place involving the Food Network.  I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and guessed correctly before Steve told me--- The Food Network was filming an episode of Dinner Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine at the park!

Lucky boys that I have, they were invited to attend the meal along with their dad! 

That particular day, the boys wanted to play in the wave pool area.  Fine by me!  I stood at the top of the stairs and got to watch the chef at work, running around the picnic pavilion.  Of course, that's the day that somehow my stupid camera got turned on in my bag and the battery died.  So I tried taking pictures with my cell phone and they didn't turn out at all.  Grrrr. 

They had the chef there to celebrate Sesame Place's 40th birthday.  Maria (from Sesame Street) was there, helping to cook.  THat woman does not age!  Elmo and Cookie Monster were there.  I wanted to see Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who does Elmo in the worst way but those darned kids kept needing me to be their mother when I was busy trying to be nosy.  :) 

Steve and the boys got to eat the meal!!!  He said it was things that started with the letter B. 

I've been waiting ever since then for the episode to air.  It was on Food Network this past Wednesday night.  You can see Steve and Joey, very blurry in the background at the very end of the show.