July 2nd, 2009


And summer officially begins...

Friday I got to do a little bit of socializing with some of the people I work with on Friday.  There was this "mandatory" seminar thing with the guy who wrote one of the books we use.  Wayne got out of going because he had to watch the kids. The other female teacher in my department was away on vacation.  The crotchety old evening teacher who never has anything nice to say doesn't go to anything in the day time.  So from my department, it was my boss, two of the other instructors that I like and me.  We also had the Director of Education (my boss's boss) at our table.  Despite the touchy-feely nature of the seminar (it focused on stress management) I had a really good time.  It was nice to be able to dress down and have time to talk about other things beside students and their issues.

Wayne and I took all four kids to the Philly Zoo on Saturday.  We had tickets I bought last year with the mom's group and they were about to expire.  I was nervous about having all four in a crowded place and managing to have a good time but we did!  The kids all stayed together and we oohed and ahhed over the animals with minimal hassle and yelling.  The only problem was tired kids and a lot of sun. 

The week has been pretty crazy.  We had to bring two cars to school on Monday because I (grumble grumble grumble) said that I'd cover someone's evening classes.  One of the med teachers who is nice to me said that I was her last hope for going on vacation because no one else would cover these two evening classes.  I had vowed never to deal with night classes but I thought it would be one of those demonstrations of goodwill and pitching in to help so I said yes.  It was torture trying to entertain myself for 5 hours in the mostly empty school on Monday night. I have to do it again tonight for an hour but since I don't normally teach on Thursdays this term, I'm going in just for the class.

It's Fourth of July weeekend. I was trying to explain to Andy that the 4th is our country's birthday and that this year our country is going to be 233 years old and that every year we celebrate with barbecues and fireworks.  He seemed excited.  Andy loves a good birthday party. He wanted to know if we'd have cake.  We're going to Wayne's parents for the day.  I hope they have cake.  Maybe I'll make some patriotic cupcakes?