April 26th, 2009

07 Boys

It's quieter now

Spent all day yesterday at my mom's group's charity crop knowing there was gorgeous weather outside and that Wayne had the boys at a playground.  I imagined that today we would go out in the yard and start sprucing it up for spring, killing and pulling weeds, mowing, enjoying the sunshine, throwing a frisbee or football around.

Not so much.  I started doing laundry right after breakfast and hanging it outside in the sun.  The boys followed me out, presumably to play, and instead went on a whining, screaming rampage about every single thing I said or did.  So after arguing and cajoling and laying in their darkened rooms for an hour, they both finally went to sleep and I've been sitting here at the computer reading Huffington Post.

Maybe when they wake up (and I hear Joey now) I can have my happy fantasy?