April 14th, 2009

Foamy loves Coffee

Attempting to be more prolific again

Tuesday morning.  Sitting in the empty classroom where I spend my mornings.  I'm hungry.  It's gray and raining outside.  

Working has pulled me a little further from the group of friends I was working to build in Reading because I'm no longer able to go to daytime playdates and stuff and I really really hate the phone.  Even though I'm usually home by 3, it still seems like the evenings are too short and I want to spend time around the boys when I can.  Thursday night is the monthly mom's night out.  I posted my week's schedule here on LJ yesterday.  I'm busy this week.  Still, I want to go if I can figure out a reasonable custody exchange setup. 

Last night I did a little laundry but mostly started getting my stuff together for next Saturday's crop.  I have some really old pictures to finish up, Joey's first year, my new college album and my Spain album to finish.  I want to feel more caught up.  I may finish up some pages tonight and do some organizing before the book party on Friday night.  

I'm behind on my reading for the year but I just finished re-reading Watchmen.

My coffee is cold and I am still hungry.  I need to go put on my makeup for the day.  Class starts in an hour and fifteen minutes.


I really need to start eating in the morning before I leave the house.  I am so hungry.

My class just ordered three pizzas and unfortunately since I don't often carry cash, I can't go in. 

Wonder what I should make for dinner tonight.
Andy and Me

My sweet boy

Every day I put a little note in Andy's lunchbox.  Often it's a reminder to listen to his teachers.  Sometimes it's a goofy poem.  I always tell him I love him and that I'm proud of him.

Tonight I was sitting on the couch and Andy came in from the kitchen and said, "Mommy, I have a dinner note for you," and he handed me this.

I am going to save it forever.