April 13th, 2009

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Keep moving forward

The time the boys were away seemed to fly.  Instead of going out because we were kidless, Wayne and I spent the week at home, being lazy and goofing off online.  Down time well spent, if you ask me. 

The re-accreditation process at school was really stressful, everyone was in a panic, trying to get (and keep) everything in order.  The whole thing is a dog and pony show.  I was in knots worrying about whether or not one of my classes would be observed and it turned out the committee did very little observation and instead spent most of their time here at the school holed up in the conference room pouring over paperwork.

On Friday, Wayne and I finally got out to see Watchmen.  We'd be anticipating it for months and then never got out to see it because of sitter issues and having other commitments.  We had to drive out to the south side of Lancaster to one of two theaters in the greater area that was still showing it.  TOTALLY worth it.  Probably one of the best adaptations from a comic book/graphic novel that I have ever seen.  It stuck pretty closely to the original text.  Well, except for the ending.  I think the movie ending was better.  Of course, I am now most of the way through a re-read of the book.  We went to a local strip-mall pizzaria after the movie and shared a pie.  It felt very high school date-ish and we had a good time.  

Saturday went to pick up Lexi and Nathan in the morning and then later, Steve dropped the boys off.  We ate dinner and the kids all played outside for a little while before coming in to dye eggs for the holiday.  The egg dyeing was not the disaster I thought it would be.  :)   All, tired out, the kids went to bed easily and early.  I made their baskets up and set them in the living room.

Sunday we drove out to Jersey for Easter with my family.  Easter was a big deal to my maternal grandfather and we follow his traditions for it still- very Eastern European- so I like spending Easter with my mom and the rest of my family.  The year it meant driving out to Jersey early in the morning-- we left around 8:30--and got there around 11:30.  We stayed until 4:30 when we had to leave to bring Lexi and Nathan to their mother.  We met her around 8 and then drove an hour back to our house.  It was a ridiculous amount of driving but still worth it.  The kids received like 5 baskets of candy.  They were all jacked up on sugar.  

OH!  Yesterday was also Lexi's birthday, so we gave her the American Girl doll she picked out.  She loves it.  I just hope she takes care of it.
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What's coming up

Monday: Laundry.  The monster is raging again!

Tuesday, Wednesday : Cleaning.  See Friday and Saturday.

Thursday:  Kid shuffle.  Lots of driving.  

Friday: Scrapbook Viewing Get Together for the scrapbooking group I coordinate on Meetup.  Rather than getting together to work on scrapbooks, we're going to bring competed work and do the whole "ooh and ah" thing.  Means a lot of housework for me because I'm hosting but that's fine.  Will also need something to drink and some hors d'oeurves.

Saturday: Lexi's Birthday Tea Party.  I'm psyched for this because I want to make it very schamncy and girly.  She plays tea party with her grandmother but it's with a plastic toy tea set and fake food.  I am planning finger sandwiches and scones and punch.  Should be a good time.  I can plan more this week and really finish off the plans.

Sunday: RELAX!  But, but, but, I need to start prepping page kits for my mom's group's big crop on the 25th.  I don't want to haul all my stuff with me so I like to match papers to pictures and cut the titles on my Cricut and bag them up in 2-gallon size ziplocks.  (Perfect size for 12x12 papers!)