March 25th, 2009

Umbrella Love

It just makes no sense

The process of trying to get Andy educated continues to be a massive pain in the tush. 

Last week I went to get the packet of information to get him registered at the local elementary school for kindergarten.  It's literally on the same road as my backyard, on the other side of this small town.  I Mapquested it earlier today... it's 1.95 miles away.

But that's not the school he will go to.  Get this, he has to go to a school NINE MILES away because for some reason, all the kids from this development get bussed to this other "historic" school-- a building that looks like it's at least 100 years old and is scheduled to be demolished in 2010.  Just long enough to force Andy to go there.  I am NOT happy about this.  I have issues with school buses as it is and now they're telling me I have no choice but to put him on a bus, driven by a stranger, to go 10 miles twice a day?  
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I don't know what to do.