March 20th, 2009

Umbrella Love

Dirt 1, Juli 0

Been deep spring cleaning the kitchen since about 10 am.  Much has been done.  Scrubbing, cleaning, degreasing.  Cabinets emptied, cleaned out, reorganized.  

It's not a big kitchen and looking around, post dinner, it seems there is still much to do in that room. The dining side of the room hasn't been touched yet and there is much junk mail/school stuff that needs to be gone through and appropriately dealt with.  Windows need washing. 

The kitchen walls are a mess.  This house was new when we moved in and the walls were painted with flat, contractor grade suck-ass paint.  Two years of living here with four kids has wreaked havoc on the walls.  They sooooo need to be painted.  The lady who owns the house (we rent) dropped off 4 gallons of paint for us to use to paint and it's white.  More white.  Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely hate white walls?  She also didn't bother to provide things like rollers, tape, brushes, drop cloths or other painting necessities and expects us to do the work ourselves.  I have no problem with doing it.  I'll be happy to cover the crap we have now but arrrghh, white.

Sitting here, discussing this paint situation with Wayne, I think we're agreed on painting with colors (neutralish, easily covered colors) and dealing with the fallout later.  So I'll likely buy a quart of a medium hued paint and mix it into the stuff she bought us to lighten it.  

Back to the cleaning:  much to do, time is short.  I'd like to have the kitchen, living room and kids' bathroom done when the boys are dropped off tomorrow.