March 2nd, 2009

Jersey Girl

Above the law

I'm shocked and outraged over the video out of Seattle of a couple of police officers beating the crap out of a 15-year-old girl in a holding room at the police station.  Speechless.

I don't care how "lippy" a 15-year-old girl is, there is no reason at all for a police officer to attack that way.  

Is it just me that it seems like police brutality-- caught on tape-- is happening more frequently?  Republican National Convention?  Amadou Diallo?  Abner Louima? Sean Bell? Donta Dawson?  Roy Lynn Weeaks?   ?

My parents always taught me to respect police officers as authority figures but then the police forget that our government is a "government of laws, not of men" and act as if they are above the law, then something needs to be done.  Every government employee is held to the same laws as civilians, regular people living in America.  Citizen or not.  Unfortunately, the system often fails to hold police to appropriate standards.  Google "Mollen Commission" and you'll see reports from the 90s about rampant corruption in New York City's police department.  

Funny how a decade later all those dirty cops became heroes.  I'm not one to downplay 9/11--- I still cry at the hole in the skyline where those familiar buildings stood-- but I don't think that it's okay to cannonize people en masse undeservedly. 

I agree that the people who choose to go into police work get a raw deal.  I acknowledge that in many cases, they're just doing their job- doing it well- protecting the public from harm.  But it's that same sense of heroism and power that can lead police to treat people like they treated Malika Calhoun.  I just think that when it's as obvious as this case, the officer in question deserves to go to jail, the same way I would if I beat the hell out of a minor.