February 18th, 2009

Umbrella Love

Bleary eyed and in need of coffee

I need to start getting my butt to bed earlier.  I spent a huge chunk of my evening last night preparing the test I'm giving my class today.  Class is 3 hours and is supposed to start at 10.  The students are having a guest speaker (the county coroner) come in to talk to them at 10 and it's estimated he'll take an hour and a half.  I hope he's feeling chatty because the test is all I have for them today.  It's a 50 question multiple choice and it's open book.  Hopefully, using the book will slow them down.

I am tired.

Andy is having a hard time at school-- again and still.  Last week was good but this week Joey started there and I have to wonder if that change isn't screwing with his behavior.  As long as I get bad reports from the school-- he's screaming, not cooperating, whatever, he gets no time on the computer at night.  I don't really know what else to do but to keep reinforcing that he needs to listen to his teachers and not scream at them.

Joey is doing well.  They're trying to potty train him, hard core style.  They asked us to put him in underpants and bring in extra sets of pants.  I am all for them doing the work on this one.  Wayne ran out last night and bought underwear for my little guy.  He's getting so big so quickly!  He's developing quite the sense of humor.  I love it.

What else is up?  I am tired. Did I mention that?