January 19th, 2009

Closed Minds

Just when you think it's over...

When I logged in to Facebook earlier and checked the status of my friends (like I always do) I was surprised and then appalled at some of the comments in regard to tomorrow's inauguration.   I've tried to keep the politics out of my journal since election day but in the immortal words of Popeye, "I've had all I can stands, and I can't stands no more!!!!"

The election is long over and in a landslide, in a mandate the people have spoken and rejected the Republican ideologies of greed, corruption, torture, needless killing and a market without restrictions.  Bush and Cheney are laughing as they get away with destroying the UN, ignoring the Geneva Convention, needlessly killing 4,229 American soliders and injuring 30,634 over WMDs they've now both admitted they knew didn't exist, ignoring the Constitution and setting themselves and their buddies up for further riches.

These aren't crazy conspiracy theories that can be written off. These are FACTS- either in body count or by their own admission. 

I am repulsed by anyone who could stand up and say that this pair were good for our country without vomitting.  It makes me feel good to know that a significant majority of the populace of the country now recognizes the mistake made in handing those men the reigns on our nation (because, you know, they were never actually elected.) 

I am furious that anyone can be anything less than thrilled about the direction our country is taking.  

Where was President Obama today?  He was painting a homeless shelter for teenagers- not at parties, not being fitted for a tux or rehearsing his speech.  Today was our national day of service and I'm so sorry I couldn't help out today.  Where was Bush the day before either of his inaugurations.  I guarantee it wasn't doing an act of charity or service for anyone other than himself.  

How can anyone not stand up behind a leader who wants to return America to her status as the greatest country in the world?  To redeem us in the eyes of our neighbors, allies and enemies?  A man who suggests we all pitch in and rebuild our infrastructure, our economy, or society as a whole?  He is the epitome of the American melting pot and the American dream and he gives me hope that my boys can grow up and change the world for the better too.