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Ho Ho Ho!

It's been crazy busy here...

On Christmas Eve, Wayne and I were up until 1:30 setting stuff up and putting together the train table we bought for all of the kids.  It was the only thing left unwrapped for them (because it was too big).  We cleaned up the house to be picture ready, watched "A Christmas Story" and passed out. We'd bathed both boys and Wayne read them "The Night Before Christmas."  Andy helped me set up a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, but then he sat and ate the cookies!

The boys woke up on Christmas morning around 8 and didn't seem to get the whole Christmas thing.  They saw the train table and both of them started playing with that.  Andy seems to have gotten over his fear of wrapping paper, but he still wasn't much interested in opening presents.  Joey tore into his and had fun playing with a bunch of stuff.  I got him this horsey dress up set that makes horse noises.  It's a horse's head hat and boots that look like hooves and they make a clip-clop sound.  He wore them all morning.  Andy loved his Lightning McQueen Magnadoodle and the Little Tykes basketball hoop.  We had a very early dinner of shrimp scampi and set out to drop the boys off to Steve.

Oh, I got tickets to see Wicked on Broadway on my birthday in February from Wayne, along with some scrapbooking stuff.   I got Wayne a nice watch, the new Sebastian  Bach CD (which actually kinda sucks) and over-the-ear headphones for his MP3 player. 

We met Steve at the KoP Mall parking lot and switched the boys.  Steve had a gift for me "from the boys"-- a Sesame Place tee shirt and a gift card for Torrid (which I already used).  The boys gave Steve his annual subscription to Sirius. 

From KoP we drove out to Wayne's parents' house in York and exchanged gifts.  His kids were dropped off to us there so they could have some time with us on Christmas.  His parents gave me a cool folding stepstool that I'd admired at their house, a DVD I wanted (Sense and Sensibility) and his brother gave me a cool mirror/candle holder.  Wayne received a bunch of restaurant gift cards.  Oh, and his aunt and uncle left a Hickory Farms box for us too.  Yay, present goodness!  Wayne's brother, Jesse, had his very cool girlfriend, Leah, there too.  :)

From their house we went to Wayne's grandfather and uncle's house for a little get-together.  I got to meet his uncle's girlfriend, Carina, who is over-the-top outgoing and funny.  She gave me her recipe for Lumpia, a kind of meat-filled fried spring roll.  And then she gave me the spring roll wrappers so I could make them!  We sat around and chatted for awhile before having to drive Wayne's kids all the way back to their mother's house. 

So that was Christmas.



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Jan. 1st, 2008 10:31 am (UTC)
Sounds like fun was had by all! Did you gift wrap the door like you used to for them? Oh and I didn't know Andy had a wrapping paper aversion! How long has he had that?

I love Lumpia! Is Carina Filipino?

Jan. 1st, 2008 02:34 pm (UTC)
Yes she is! So I guess I should be excited that the recipe is authentic? Wonder if I have any ground beef in my freezer... will have to go look.

I didn't wrap the door this year because I wrapped the gifts. Given all the trouble I had getting the boys to open stuff, next year, I'm going back to my old way.

Andy's never really liked opening presents (weird kid!!!) and for his first and second CHristmas, he wouldn't even touch it. So we have some improvement, I guess!
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