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Feeling like a character in Rent

Last night, Wayne and I watched Elf and laughed.  Then I sat at the PC and was going to respond to an email Maria sent about our trip to Disney (37 days!!!!).  It was 11:30.  The power went out.  Complete blackout in our neighborhood.  Wayne called the electric company and the recording said it would be back in half an hour. 

I threw an extra blanket on each of the boys because everything in our house is electric, including the heat. 

I barely slept all night.  At 7:30 this morning, the power was still out so I got dressed and dressed the boys and we went to work with Wayne in his little car because the garage door was frozen shut.  It was so strange, up to the PA turnpike, everything was covered in ice. There were tons of trees bent over from the weight of the ice stuck to them and so many broken and damaged trees that snapped.  South of the turnpike, it was like nothing happened. No ice anywhere.  It was weird.

We went to BRU and got a Joovy Caboose stroller for WDW.  It's awesome.  We then went to the mall and got a picture of the boys with Santa and some gear at the Disney Store.

Came home around 3 and still no power.  So we went to dinner and took the boys to Kids Court.  We got home at 8 and the power was on. 

Woo hoo.


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Dec. 18th, 2007 09:09 am (UTC)
Wow that's a long time for power to be out! Was it freezing in your house or do you have a fireplace or something?

Pics of the kids with Santa needed! :)
Dec. 18th, 2007 01:44 pm (UTC)
It was really really cold. So we left for most of the day and when we got home, it was 70 degrees in the house.
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