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Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

Most of my side dishes were made yesterday or Tuesday.  The only big tasks we have left to do here are to get the turkey in the oven, to mash the potatoes and to wash my china.  Macy's parade is on the tv.  Two little ones are napping.  All is good.  There's so much I'm thankful this year. 

Before I forget... Andy is so adorable with his magnadoodle and the white board in the kitchen .  He's drawing little people.  I found this yesterday.

Just now I found him sitting on the floor doodling the THX logo on his magnadoodle. 



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Nov. 22nd, 2007 03:18 pm (UTC)
We kicked some serious boo-tay to get things ready. It's nice to have pretty much everything done and ready ahead of time so we don't end up feeling overwhelmed at dinner.

And speaking of butt-kicking, Andy is doing great with drawing.

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