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Moms group playdate attempt #2

The moms group I joined out here in PA scheduled this week's playdate to be closer to me.  I'm psyched about going and meeting some more new people but I also feel kinda crappy.  I've been coughing and I have a lot of congestion in my head.  I have to poke my head out the door and see if we're having more of this crazy post-summer summer weather or if it's cool enough for the boys to wear pants.  I have boxes and boxes of clothes from the attic in Keansburg that I need to go through and wash.  Yay! My least favorite task: laundry.  Blech. 

It's 8:30... I need to leave here at 9:45.  I need to change and dress Andy.  I need to feed him and get shoes on both of them which means digging through laundry baskets for socks. I should probably throw myself together a little bit so I don't look like a freak of nature.  Does makeup hide that? 

This week is flying by... Saturday is Wayne's birthday and I need to get a cake, call his parents and see if they can come over and celebrate a little.  Also, I already gave him all three of the gifts I got him because I have a patience problem, so I want to get something else small and goofy.

Speaking of goofy, he left me a rhyming note on the fridge this morning, complete with a happy face with a goatee.  So very cute.

I need to order pictures from Shutterfly so I can work on catching up on my scrapbooks.


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Oct. 10th, 2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
Good luck
Good luck today sweetheart. I hope you make some new friends. :)
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