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Atlanta Pictures

Me at the CNN Center

Jeff, Wayne and Mike at the Thrashers Game

Me and Wayne at the Thrashers Game

Me, as Sous Chef, at the cookout Saturday night.  I still smell like garlic...

Me and the Falcons Fairy Lady

Cute picture of Wayne

Wayne and QB Joey Harrington

Me and Alge Crumpler

Me and Mort Andersen!!!

Me and Mike Koenen


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Oct. 4th, 2007 08:21 am (UTC)
Great pics! In the first one, I immediately thought TWINSIE! I swear I think we could totally pass for sisters.

You look really cute in all of them actually. That 3rd pic of you & Wayne is AWESOME though. Definitely the best pic of you two I've seen yet! I better be seeing that up on your space soon :) I think he looks good in the glasses too. Does he wear them very often?

So if you were sous chef, who was chef? I can't believe it wasn't you little Ms. Cooking Queen!
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