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Preparations have begun in earnest...

Went to Target last night and got some decorations.  The rest of my decorations are still in Keansburg and I'm gonna have to dig em out...
Got a wreath of black velvet roses for the front door (which is kinda cool since Wayne's consulting biz is Black Rose Consulting...) and two gargoyles for the front porch:

I want to get some stretchy spiderwebs and we'll probably throw some pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns out there too.  Got a pumpkin carving kit.  :)  I think I might get some of those carvable papier mache ones from Michaels so that if I go through the hassle of carving a cool pumpkin, we get to keep it.  Maybe something lit up?  I dunno.  I'd really like some tombstones for the front yard.  I think I'll wait until waaay late in October or after Halloween and see what I can snatch up on clearance.  Or with coupons from the craft stores.  That's a thought.  I just don't want to be one of those nutty people who go all out with the decorations for every holiday like Arbor Day and Sweetest Day.  I think Halloween and Christmas are the big ones.  Maybe Easter...  :)

Also got a nifty floor lamp for the dark corner of the living room, some clothes for Andy and cloth pumpkin candy bags for trick-or-treating.  Wayne ran into Home Depot for a set of socket wrenches and peg board for the garage.

Oh, crikey, I almost forgot to mention dinner last night.  I'm on this pledge to try two new recipes a week since I'm really bored with eating the same old stuff all the time.  So yesterday I made Italian Wedding Soup.  I made 150 teeny tiny meatballs (really, I counted).  I chopped a mountain of veggies into really small pieces.  It looked and smelled wonderful until I got to the last part, where you add beaten eggs to the soup to add "richness."  Now, I'm no novice in the kitchen.  I made a liaison with the eggs and the soup to bring the eggs up to temperature so they wouldn't turn into scrambled eggs in the broth.  I added them slowly.  I whisked.  What happened?  Little tiny chunks of scrambled egg. Grrrr.  It made my soup ugly.  We ate it anyway and it was tasty.

While cleaning up from dinner , I decided to puree it.  Now it looks better.  Hee hee...


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Sep. 22nd, 2007 11:24 am (UTC)
It's so funny because right when I read "black velvet roses" I was thinking... why does that sound familiar? And it was because of seeing Wayne's myspace name on your page! :)

Carvable papier mache pumpkins? I've never heard of such a thing! Must go check out Michaels. Ooh and thanks for mentioning the carving kit. I so need one and only ever remember the night before Halloween when I'm carving my pumpkin and they're all sold out! I will be getting many pumpkins this year though, as I'm going to roast up a shitload of seeds just to have all year long. I made them out of ONE pumpkin last time, first time ever roasting my own and damn they were SO good I've been craving them ever since!!! Even my cousins still talk about them. They laugh saying "Lyd can't cook to save her life but baking sweets and roasting seeds, she rocks!" :) It was just a recipe I got off the net too :) I can't wait... plus they're high in fiber and pill taker me likes that :D

Sorry about your soup. I'm sure it was delicious no matter how it looked though!
Sep. 24th, 2007 01:17 pm (UTC)
I got two "funkins" at Michaels on Saturday. They were discounted. Whoo hoo. I'm going to try carving them today.

Love punkin seeds-- what did you put on em?
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