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Gothic Goodness

Almost forgot... planning to go to this interesting sounding Edgar Allen Poe performance thingee they run at the place where the PA Ren Faire is held...

Poe Evermore at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Mount Hope Mansion dons the mantle of the House of Usher when Edgar Allan Poe
and bizarre characters from his short stories of mystery and mayhem visit the
Usher family in their dilapidated mansion by a murky mountain
I'm excited and have Poe on my mind as we head into the Fall and Halloween season.  I logged into LJ this morning and read the Neil Gaiman syndicated blog feed and what is he discussing?  Poe!  Apparently he wrote the intro for a Barnes and Noble Illustrated Poe book that was out a few years ago. 

I read his wonderful intro here: http://www.neilgaiman.com/exclusive/essays/essaysbyneil/poe/

And then even though he said the book is out of print, I found a "used" new copy on Barnes and Noble and promptly ordered it in hardcover.  Before all the other Neil fans jumped on it.  Woo hoo.  Neil and a collection of Poe's stuff in one happy little hardcover.  That makes me happy.