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Happy Monday!  I love these lingering mornings all alone in the house.  Woke up at 9 after staying up till 2:30 trying to get 5 stars on You Really Got Me via the Xbox Guitar Hero.  I'm trying to unlock a particular achievement (getting 5 stars on every song of the easy level) and it's tough.  I've had to focus on some of the tougher stuff I've been avoiding.  So as of right now I still have to go from 3 to 5 stars on Jessica, The Trooper, and Madhouse.  I have to go from 4 to 5 stars on Psychobilly Freak Out.  This will happen today, I assure you.

BTW-- I got my 5 stars on the Van Halen track as soon as I woke up.

Yes, I am a total geek.

As for the weekend-- busy as usual.  Don't remember what I did Friday except hang around the house with Wayne and all four kids.  Late at night, after the kids were all sawing logs, I went grocery shopping.  Got myself some coconut date rolls as a treat and they're chilling in the fridge waiting for me still.  Yumilicious.

Saturday was hectic and crazy.  Andy and Joey were going to see their dad and Wayne and I were going to take Lexi and Nathan to Sesame Place.  It was a total pain trying to keep Lexi from talking about SP, since Wayne told her she was going.  I didn't want Andy to start whining about wanting to go since we took him in last week.  So, we made our drive, swapped out the kids and went to the park.  All Lexi wanted to do was play in the pools, which is cool.  I forgot a swimmy diaper for Nathan and a suit, so I bought one there with my discount.  Woo hoo.  Also got a disposeable camera since I forgot my digital as well.  Nathan LOVED the water.  We had him in Little Bird's Bird Bath and also the Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave pool.  He was crawling around the shallow water against the little waves and giggling his butt off.  It was soooo cute.   I fed Nathan while Wayne took Lexi to watch the parade.  Lexi and Wayne went on the roller coaster and then the park was closing.  We went to Red Robin afterward and had AWESOME burgers for a late dinner and tried to see the NU score on the TVs across the restaurant from us.  Went home. Checked the score.  NU won in a last minute rally, 36-31.  Woo hoo.  That's two in a row!  Crashed.

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything.  After all it was the first Sunday of NFL games and we have Sunday ticket.  So we watched the Falcons get their asses handed to them.  Harrington doesn't seem to be able to handle the pressure and it seemed like he got sacked like 50 times.  I had my first day of crazy fantasy football goodness.  I lost in both leagues I am playing in but I'm starting to understand how it all works.  We left at 6:15 to drop Lex and Nathan off with their mom.  As we were getting our stuff together, I realized I didn't have my wallet!  The last time I remembered having it was when I bought a picture frame at Sesame Place on Saturday night.  So I first checked my bank account online to see if any charges had been made on my debit card.  No.  Breathed a sigh of relief and then googled numbers for Sesame Place and Red Robin.  It hadn't been turned in at the park, so I called the restaurant and they had it.  It must have fallen out of the diaper bag.  So I asked if someone could drop it off at SP so Steve could get it and I'd pick it up from him on Tuesday.  2.5 days without my wallet, but at least I didn't have to go through the hassle of replacing my license, social security card, bank cards, credit cards blah blah blah.  Anyway, Lexi was tired and being kinda whiny and annoying but she fell asleep in Miss Kia.  After the drop off, Wayne and I went to Red Lobster for some endless shrimp.  Twas good. We didn't gorge too much.  We got home and I started my Guitar Hero quest and Wayne crashed out on the couch. 

And here we are.  I have a bunch of jobs I need to apply to today.  Wish me good cover letter writing luck.  I sooo want to have some $$$ of my own again.


Sep. 11th, 2007 07:05 am (UTC)
You are TOO FUNNY about that Guitar Hero stuff. How do you handle playing so long? I'm not even entirely sure what it is... I think it's that game where you hold a plastic guitar and play along? I saw B playing it with my little cousins last Christmas.

How is Nathan CRAWLING already?! I thought he was just born like 3 months ago? I think time is flyiiiiiing!

That's great news about getting your wallet back & no one going on a spending spree.

Red Lobster... I so used to LOVE that place but at least out here, it's seriously gone DOWNhill. I will kill someone for the cheddar biscuits however ;)

Good luck with the job search! I thought possibly since you're now more financially secure you'd be sticking with the SAHM thing? Or is this more by choice, just wanting to get back out there? Either way, I know you'll find something & be kickass at it.

Going now to write you on space :)
Sep. 12th, 2007 03:00 pm (UTC)
I only really get to play when the kids are sleeping so I tend to play for big stretches. Yea, it's the game with the plastic guitar and you have to play notes as they appear on the screen. Do you know the game "Dance Dance Revolution" they have at malls and stuff where you have to stop on little directional pads as little arrows fly at you on the screen? It's kinda like that, except that instead of "dancing" you're hitting notes on the guitar. The challenge is that the easy level uses only 3 of the 5 note buttons (medium uses 4) and there are also chords where you have to play two notes at once. Oh, and you have to hold down the correct button at the exact right second and strum at the same time. It was really hard at first but I'm pretty good at it. Funny, since I can't play an instrument to save my life.

Nathan is 9 months old now. Time certainly flies, doesn't it?

Red Lobster is okay... it's not the best but as I am learning, not a lot stays open on Sundays in PA.

Being a SAHM is driving me nuts. I need to get back to work. I think I'll be better with them and less stressed if I'm not with them every second, all day.