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What's going on...

It was a crazy busy weekend and here's what I did...

Friday, I posted mad photos to my LJ.  For the first time in months.  We had all 4 kids at the house and there was pandemonium, as usual.  Then we went to Wayne's parents' house for a spaghetti dinner and there was pandemonium, as usual.  We all went over to a park near the house and let the kids run around.  Then Grandma Sue bought ice cream at DQ for the munchkins (and me and Wayne and herself).  Lexi and Nathan were sleeping over there, so we said goodbye and goodnight and drove home with two fewer munchkins, but with one bonus puppy.  We forgot to transfer Lexi's stuffed puppy, which she must have with her AT ALL TIMES to Grandma's car and got all the way home before we realized it.

So first thing in the morning on Saturday, we had to drive back out to York to get Puppy to Lexi before her mom picked her up at 11.  So thinking that we were going out and coming back, we just dressed quickly and dashed out.  While out with that, I got a text from Steve that he wanted me to drop the boys off as usual later that day.  Since we were out that way and we were low on stuff, we decided to go to Costco.   And then because we thought the boys would be resistant to going home and then getting back in the car to go to Langhorne, we went straight there.  We walked around the Oxford Valley Mall for awhile.  First I got some cute Champion slip on sneaker type things because all I'd been wearing were my very thin flip flops that hurt to walk around in too much.  I also got some cute shiny red shoes because there was a sale.  I picked up some anti-bac hand soap at the 5 for $15 sale at B&BW.   I was thrilled to see a Torrid store at the mall.  I wish I hadn't placed a recent order because I found a bunch of the stuff I'd ordered on whoa clearance.  I did get a cute denim jacket for $3.50 that was originally $49.99.  Wooo hooo. 

The mall had a cool playground area for the munchkins and we were stuck waiting there for over an hour because Steve was late getting off work, as usual.  He'd told me he was getting out at 4 and then got out at 5 instead.  I chewed him out over that and said that I wasn't going to arrive early anymore and if anyone was going to have to wait, it was going to have to be him.

He left with the boys and Wayne and I went home.  We stopped at the local Chinese buffet to check it out.  I hadn't had Chinese in awhile and luckily, this place was really good.  A little post-dinner Guitar Hero and off to bed.

Sunday, Steve had to work in the evening.  We agreed to go to his job and watch the boys for a little while during his work time and then he'd take them home to NJ for Monday.  We left the house at 2 but for some reason, it took insanely long to get there.  We had an hour to ourselves before having to mind the boys.  They were awesome and adorable though.  They played in the little wave pool so nicely and then we sat and watched a really cool fireworks show.  Wayne and I got home around midnight.

On Monday, Wayne and I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.   We both wore black because we're stupid so resultingly, we were really really hot.  I was wearing my new, black corset-style top and while we were sitting watching one of the shows, I noticed that my chest was really really hot.  So I pulled out the top of the top and noticed I had massive burns all over the tops of my boobs.  TMI, I know, but I have never heard of burning through clothes before. All I can say is OUCH!!!  Anyway, Wayne got me a really pretty necklace made of chain-mail with amethyst beads.  I'll have to take a picture of it.  We ate a whole bunch of different stuff.  We went to the wine tasting.  (The PA Ren-faire is held on the grounds of a winery) We ended up ordering 6 bottles of wine.  We left exhausted and really warm.  At home we had some spaghetti and crashed out.

I'm writing this from my mom's couch in Newark.  I was up at 4:30 this morning, headed out at 5 to pick up the boys.  They're here and crazy.  I don't know what we're going to do next week.  I may meet Steve at work with the boys. I am really tired and fighting a killer migraine.  Oh, and I'm HUNGRY too.


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Sep. 7th, 2007 09:49 am (UTC)
Ooh, you posted pics? I'm gonna have to look tomorrow for sure! (need to get some sleep since it's 3am!)

You guys do A LOT of driving! How come the schedules aren't more set, like Steve all weekend, every weekend or something? Wouldn't that be easier. And I was curious... have you thought at all about what will happen when the boys start school? I mean, will they go to school in your town or his? Will he have them most of the time or just weekends? Random curiousity there :)

SO weird twinsie, my feet have been hurting BAD too! I was actually wondering if it might be always wearing my flip flops (although I have really expensive ones that are pretty thick & whatever) It got to the point today that I wore sneakers (hate thick bulky sneakers!) & went looking in a "walking" store... ya know, with the shoes that are supposed to be good for the feet? Didn't find anything cute though :(

Hey, why didn't you buy the stuff at Torrid & then return the other stuff when it arrived in the mail? :) Woulda saved you money I think!

Yay for Ren Faire! I wonder if ours has already come & gone? Weird to getting sunburned THRU your top!! I've never had that happen! It wasnt just the tops of your boobs coming out of the corset that got it? Weird. Speaking of the corset though, I hope you took pics that day & of yourself in it too! Don't forget too to take pics of the necklace... it sounds gorgeous!

I didnt know you got migraines too? :( Hope it didn't last too long, like mine do. *HUGS* Luv ya!!!
Sep. 7th, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
We do a lot of driving. Right now, it's all me because it's just what's more convenient. Steve's job is halfway between his house and my house and his job has sucky hours (he works on Saturday and never seems to get out on time) so it's more convenient for me to drive them to his work for whenever he finally gets out on Saturday. His days off are Sunday and Monday, so I've been picking the boys up at the house on Tuesday mornings. Early tuesday mornings. I leave my house at 5 and drive the 2.5 hours to Keansburg and get there as they are waking up. Steve is already at work, but Rachel is there. I'd pick them up, pack up some more of my stuff and go spend the whole day at my parents' house and drive back to PA at night. Now Rachel is going back to school, so I think what we agreed on is for Steve to put them in his car, asleep, when he leaves for work and I'll meet him there to get them. So he does get them for his whole weekend, just his weekend is off from the rest of the world. It's not more "set" because his weekend is variable. It's going to change in a few weeks when the park closes for the winter. He'll go back to a Monday through Friday schedule. But then in May, it will change again and he'll have to work one weekend day. So I guess it's as set as it can be. He'll never really have them most of the time because his schedule doesn't permit it. If he can't be sure whether he can get home by six to pick them up from a daycare before it closes (most of them close at 6) then, he can't have them. And I don't want Rachel being responsible for them for any length of time. Just the Tuesday mornings I see her with them for half an hour, she's mean to them and it just pisses me off.

Plus I have a hard enough time giving them up for 2-3 days at a time, I can't imagine going longer. So the separation agreement, which hasn't been signed yet, says that I have primary residential custody.

So I was talking to Steve about moving. He needs to sell the house to be closer to work, and I believe, to be closer to the boys. He's insistent on being ultra-close to his job and not commuting on the Turnpike because it's a toll road, which puts him in some NASTY, NASTY neighborhoods. I told him he should be looking like a half hour or so west of his job because then, within an hour's drive to my house, he can see the boys on a weeknight if he wanted to. He blew me off. Oh well!

That's the thing about my black flip flops-- they weren't cheap. But within a week of wearing them, my fat ass compressed the foam and now there's like no cushion between my feet and the ground. I'll be buying much thicker ones next summer, thankyouverymuch!

I didn't buy my stuff at the store and return the internet stuff because they don't take returns or exchanges on clearance items. Although, one of the new corset tops came with a jammed zipper so I called and complained nd had to ship it back. They have to decide whether or not they're going to refund my $20.

The sun burn was definitely thru the top. It was on top of it too, but much worse under the fabric. Now it's mostly gone though. I thought it was pretty weird myself. I thought about posting pictures, but decided that writing about it was TMI already!

The migraines are a lot better than they used to be. I can pretty much kick it with Excedrin Migraine and a dark room for a little while. :)
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