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Some punny subject line about dogs...

I haven't posted anything thus far about the Michael Vick debacle. I wanted to kind of see how it played out before I stated my opinion on the matter.  Now that he's made his plea bargain and the NFL has suspended him "indefinitely" I guess it's time to lay it out, being a pseudo-season ticket holder for the Falcons and all.  (Wayne is a HUGE Falcons fan... and has 3 tickets.)

I think that Vick is a phenomenal coward who has hidden behind his legal team and his millions in hopes that they could make this disappear for him the way they did with the "Ron Mexico" incident and the pot-hiding water bottle incident.  First, he didn't know anything about what happened on his property in Virginia.  Then he knew what was going on there, but he wasn't involved at all.  Finally, as his cousins and ghetto buddies rolled on him, he finally had to fess up.  And he did, but only in a very carefully worded legal document.  It reeks of cowardice and the worse part: lack of remorse.

I was sickened by the media and fans who cried "RACISM" and invoked Kobe Bryant and OJ Simpson and the Duke U scandal.  People said that the government was going out of it's way to make an example out of Michael Vick because of his talent and/or his money.

I read a great editorial (that Wayne sent me) by a black, female journalist (Jemele Hill)  that I want to quote:

"As the Vick case shows, millions of dollars are little protection if a certain mentality remains. Until now, Vick was considered one of the lucky ones. He rose out of poverty to become one of the most mesmerizing athletes of our time. He went from nothing to millions. He wasn't the American dream, but the American reality. He had the support of a city, of a people and he struck a chord with many young, black men because they saw themselves in him -- rebellious, strong and heroic.

But Vick let you down. He betrayed you. He heightened the stereotypes of black men instead of eroding them. Racists certainly will feast on Vick, but he was the one who made himself an entrée."

Also this chunk...

"Surely, one reason Vick kept his circle of friends is because successful black people are pressured into keeping their toxic buddies around for the sake of "keeping it real" -- even though they've spent most of their lives trying to escape the street lifestyle in which many of those friends remain.

Of course, what's forgotten is that if Vick's "friends" truly cared about him, they never would have allowed him to jeopardize his freedom, NFL career and family for an illegal enterprise. A $100 million man involved in dogfighting isn't keeping it real. That's keeping it stupid."


I love football, and the first (and only) NFL games I've attended have been Falcons games.  I've been face to face with Mike Vick after a game and he has that haughty air of someone who thinks he's better than everyone else.  I started to really dislike Vick then-- for the attitude, for the way he really wasn't living up to the hype, for flipping off fans at the Georgia Dome.  It implied a sense of entitlement to me rather than gratitude for his God-given talent.   So, for me, I think Michael Vick has gotten what he deserved for setting dogs on each other, for murdering dogs (or ordering them killed) for "underperforming," for trying to hide it, for financing it, for trying to squiggle out of the mess he created.  I think an indefinite suspension from the NFL, where regardless of intention, players are role models, is perfect justice.  I think that his talent should go to waste.  I think that he should have to sit in his cell at night, in the dark and think about all the millions he lost in endorsements and in his contract.  I hope the Falcons organization goes after him for the full $22 million that the NFL says they can and that they build a team rather than "The Michael Vick Show and his cast of supporting characters."

So now I hope this will fade from the news, cause I'm ready for some football--- Falcons or Wildcats.  I'll take either.



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Aug. 25th, 2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
Dude! I heard on the news yesterday that Vick turned on DMX and they found a bunch of dead dogs and really unhealthy dogs on his property in Cave Creek, AZ. It's fucking crazy, man!
Aug. 27th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
Off topic
I see your nudge and raise you a phone call. you know my number and I am home after 6:30pm central all this week.
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