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Our Seaside Trip

We finally hit the boardwalk around 4:30 on Saturday.  I got to have my cheesesteak and lemonade and it was as heavenly as I anticipated.  We walked down to one end of the boardwalk and got all set to put Andy on some rides and he freaked out.  He wouldn't let go of Steve's shirt.  So they went on the carousel together but that was about it.  We came home with a bunch of tickets and the intent to go back in a few weeks with Rachel and she can use them.  We still walked around and had a nice afternoon. 

Yesterday Steve got called in to work another 8 hour shift.  I was severely pissed off and didn't talk to him all morning.  I don't think he takes it at all seriously when I tell him that family time is more important than money-- especially with Rachel coming home and me going back to work this week.  All we have now is the weekends and I don't want him to agree to these long hours of overtime.  They're shortstaffed at his job because some guy is off on military leave and another guy's wife went into labor on Sunday morning-- the same guy who wouldn't let Steve have overtime before when we really needed it.  The same guy who is always late to relieve Steve. 

Today we have a pool party at 2.  I put Andy down for his nap a little while ago and it's already very quiet in there.