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Sad, sad, sad

So it looks like my trip to Chicago this weekend is not going to happen and I am very very disappointed and not looking forward to calling the friends I'd made plans with to let them know I have to cancel.

Absolutely no one is willing to watch the boys for me and I'm rather peeved by it.  The first person I called was Steve and asked if he could take a couple days off work.  We'd discussed previously that he wants to take the kids to Pittsburgh to see his family, as his dad's health continues to deteriorate.  When I mentioned it, he went off on his whole tangent about how he can't take days off and his job is on shaky ground schpiel. (Which I am so sick of hearing... I have never heard of a job before that lies to you about what days you're working and doesn't allow you to ever take days off... but whatever, that's a whole nother subject...)

So I thought of my friend, Rosie, who is Joey's godmother and never really gets to spend time with the boys.  I thought it would be a perfect situation because she lives a few blocks away from Steve in the same town in NJ.  She's got a lot going on with her mother and brother.  She's dealing with fertility issues and getting shots-- along with quitting smoking cold turkey.  She's afraid that if her doctor calls her to go for the in-vitro tomorrow or Saturday, what's she going to do with the boys?  I told her she could leave them with Rachel for a little while, but I don't want Rachel watching them for 10 hours at a clip...  I offered to pay her.  Inevitably, she passed citing that the hormones and the nicotine cravings made it impossible.

So I turned to my family.  My mom is up to her eyeballs in taking care of Ailani and Nasir, of whom she has custody.  And with Ailani still in her full body cast, she requires a lot of care.  My aunt is taking off from work to watch Ailani while my mom goes to the doctor on Friday.  I asked my sister, since she is kid free at the moment, to watch them in conjunction with my mom and aunt, and she said she'd call me back yesterday and I never heard back from her, almost 24 hours later.  I am particularly pissed at that.

So the end result is that I get screwed.  We get to eat the $$$ of the plane tickets and stay home this weekend.


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Aug. 16th, 2007 01:45 pm (UTC)
OH that really sucks!!!! I would totally watch the boys for you if I lived closer. Oh I would be 100% bummed out.
Aug. 16th, 2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
Ouch, that sucks. Is there a way to pay a change fee and use them another time?
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