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I want to go over the wall!

Went to see Stardust on Monday night and loved it SO MUCH!!!  It is an amazing movie and deserves much support.  Go see it!  In the words of Neil Gaiman, the writer, take your friends at gunpoint if you have to.   They'll forgive you.  It's the Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean and Harry Potter all rolled up into one.  GO SEE STARDUST.

I could tell you how awesome Robert DeNiro is in it but I don't want to give anything away. 

Just go.

Yesterday was my crazy day of driving.  I picked the boys up in Keansburg and went to my mom's for the day.  I'm stressing hard core over the trip that is supposed to start TOMORROW because as of right now I have no child care for Friday and Saturday during the day.  I am waiting to hear back from my friend, Roseanne, to know if she'll sit with them.  She's got some medical stuff going on and she's worried about getting called to the doctors' office while she has the boys.  She was supposed to talk to her husband and get back to me.

Yesterday was the big Madden release so Wayne went and got that over his lunch hour for the Xbox360.  Toys R Us had a deal where if you bought Madden, you got a second game at half price.  So we got Dance Dance Revolution.  You know, the one with the floormat that you step on and "dance" to crazy techno music.  He also got the pad.  So last night after getting home, that's what we were doing.  We're calling it "exercise" and not "jumping around like a bunch of idiots."  It's fun.

Also, I beat the easy level of Guitar Hero and starting the medium level.  It's hard!  I did play Cherry Pie perfectly on the easy setting and got 5 gold stars. 

Yes, I am a dork.