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What's going on...

It's been a quiet week and I think I'm almost ready to take some pictures of the new house and share em. Things are coming together and it makes me happy. I just need to get a truck and get my furniture here from NJ.

I've been practicing my Guitar Hero skills. So far I think my favorite song to play is Kansas's Wayward Son. It's got a lot of cool changes and nifty parts. Whoo hoo. I think we might try letting Lexi and Andy play when the smaller ones are sleeping.

Tomorrow is the Poison concert at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. So I think we'll drive the boys all the way out to NJ to their dad since Holmdel is like the next town over from Keansburg. Prolly go see the parentals for a little bit too.

Right now there is heavy research going on into the purchase of a minivan. I'm looking for a used one where the payments will be less than the current payment on my Ford Focus.

Also on today's agenda is finishing painting the tv stand for the bedroom, letting the monsters frolic in the Thomas sprinkler, hanging some stuff on the walls and cleaning up the house.

Last night I did some crazy food shopping and I have a big bag of cherries in the fridge calling my name.


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Jul. 30th, 2007 09:08 am (UTC)
So you live in a house now? I thought you were with your parents? :confused: But yes, take pics! :)

Guitar Hero haha! My younger cousins & stepson play that. Brent tried it at Christmas with them. I only like it cuz' I like the music...

And speaking of music, hell YEAH to Poison!!! How was it? I heard they're playing here soon... I just wrote my girlfriend Susan to ask her when it is and if there are any tickets still being sold. I hope I can go with her & her friends. I can't believe it but I've never seen them live! I was supposed to go in Jan. of 1990 but that night I lost my virginity (LOL!) and got grounded for coming home late ;)

Just say no to minivans!!! Get an SUV or a truck baby! Minivans aren't for hip moms who go to Poison shows and wear cool corsets! I'd suggest an older Toyota Tundra or something. Has backseats for the kids and everything! Plus Toyotas run forever :)

I had cherries calling to me from the fridge once upon a time... of course I was on acid & I decided to have a conversation with them in return! LOL! (I'm totally kidding!)

Love ya girl...
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