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Weekend Update...bullet style

  • It was very hot. 


  • Didn't do much of anything until Sunday when I went to the Kutztown Folk Festival to see what the Pennsylvania Dutch are all about.  Ate some strange foods-- like Milk Tart and Shoo-fly pie.  I wanted to see the whole ox being roasted but since I was there on the last day, alas, no ox.  I did get to eat insane amounts of kettle corn and that made me happy. 


  • Also saw 1408 with John Cusak.  I mean, the movie starring John Cusak.  If I went *with* John Cusak, there'd be lots of squeeage.  Love the Cusak.  Movie was eerie, creepy but not outright scary.  I can't wait to see Harry Potter next week.  Whooo hooo. 


  • Hung out with Roseanne a little bit yesterday morning.  Wonder what she's up to today. 


  • It's supposed to be like, 95 degrees or something today.  I want to get the boys outside for a little while to run around.  I'm annoyed that the neighbor to the back to his fence down and doesn't seem to be in a rush to replace it.  I don't want to be chasing my toddler monsters around someone else's yard. 


Jul. 16th, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
Let's see... I had these strange sweet dumpling things topped with cinnamon apples. Some weird dish I don't know the name of that was like cole slaw, but instead of a mayo type dressing, it was in a sweetened vinegar. The cabbage and other veggies were all chopped up really small. I rather liked that one. There was PA Dutch style chicken and dumplings, which is boiled chicken in gravy with these big square noodles. There was some tasty ham, but that's not weird.

Shoo-fly pie is this molasses based pie that I just didn't care for. Waaaay too sweet for me. The other dessert was called "milk tart" and they described it as like a custard pie. But I found it incredibly bland and mushy. It didn't look appealing AT ALL. Custard pie, I like. This stuff was just plain icky.

Soft pretzels are a huge deal with the PA Dutch. I had 2. They were awesome but not so different from the ones you get at the mall.