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No Lions or tigers... we did see bears

In reference to our zoo trip yesterday, I will say this: OHMYGAWD was it hot!!!!  Way to go Juli-- pick the first 90 degree day of the summer to walk around in the sun viewing stinky animals. 

Oh, and did I mention that the air conditioning in my car doesn't work? 

We were sweaty, sweaty, SWEATY.

The zoo did have sprinklers and water misters around so we were able to cool off a little.

I was reminded how much I miss having Maria around.  Maria is never judgmental, no matter what craziness I tell her about but she's always honest and straightforward. Oh, the trouble we used to get into together... those were the good old days. :)

I found an adorable stuffed kangaroo for Joey that's really soft and nice.  I've been looking for a good stuffed kangaroo for awhile.  Andy picked a soft red monkey that has velcro on his hands for hugs.

From the zoo we went to my parents' house to drop off the boys.  The rentals were all psyched to see Maria.  My mom, of course, asked her if she had any marriage prospects yet and told her she was smart when the answer was no.  My dad wanted to fill her in on all the Spain gossip. 

We went to get some food at the Arlington Diner, in North Arlington, New Jersey, where she was a waitress for many years.  There are new owners and they've completely re-done the place, and obtained a liquor license.  Maria went with the late afternoon breakfast.  She had a mediteranean omelet with American instead of feta cheese.  I had the brisket and potato pancake special.  YUM! 

I dropped Maria off after copious amounts of catching up and girl talk.

When I got back to my parents' house I was so sweaty that my clothes were actually wet.  Luckily, I'd had the foresight to bring all of our swimsuits.  So the boys were already in the pool with my mom and dad.  I changed into my suit and climbed in too.  It was a perfect ending to a busy day.

The only thing that sucks?  The batteries in my camera were dead, so I have no pictures to show for our fun.


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Jun. 27th, 2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
Besides it being HOT HOT HOT, sounds like you a wonderful day. I want to take Jack to the Zoo but I know that Claire cannot stand this heat right now. So I guess that will have to wait!

It is always a good time catching up with old friends! :)
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