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Rainy wednesday blues

My house is a mess and I can't get motivated to get cracking on it.   So I made a post to my Yahoo scrapbooking group asking if anyone wanted to come over to scrap tonight.  If anyone accepts, that will certainly get my ass in gear.  I need to finish my sistern's wedding album before her anniversary on July 7. 

I think I've done like 4 2-page layouts so far..... arrrrgghhh!  So much to do!

Yesterday, the boys and I went up to my parents' house and played in the pool.  I was all eager to get Joey in the water to see if it would help his chronic diaper rash.  It seems to have worked.   At first, both of the boys were resistant to being in their little boats and letting go of me but after a minute or so of adjustment, they both LOVED it.  Andy was in this frog thing that was mostly mesh and two small inflatable rings.  He was yelling, "I floating, I floating!"  It was so adorable. 

Did I mention that my new washer is in and functional?  Seems when we turned off the water to remove the old one, the water valve for cold water broke.  So that finally got fixed on Monday and now I'm back in the laundry business. 

Joey is climbing like mad on everything and he falls alot.  I've seriously considered whether or not the baby needs glasses.  I call him my crash test dummy.  Yesterday (two days ago?) he was climbing in the giant window in the living room and fell out, crashing into the end table on the way and now his face is bruised.  I'm afraid that people are going to think I'm beating my poor little guy. 

He's getting so big.  He's fitting into 18 months clothes, but 24 months are better.  He says 'juice', 'fruit snacks', mama and dada.  Oh, and he very clearly said 'fishes' the other day.  He has a really developed sense of humor and is just soooo darned CUTE.  I can't bring myself to really yell at him.  He flashes me a smile and I melt. 



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Jun. 20th, 2007 03:11 pm (UTC)
YAY for water! :) Lennon's finally started liking it again after liking it his first summer and being terrified of it last summer. and YAY for laundry! Something so simple, yet it makes such a big difference!

Joey may just be kinda klutzy. Sometimes they grow out of it and sometimes they don't. I don't think a five-minute period ever goes by without Will injuring himself in some way, for example, and he'll be 25 in a few months!
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