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Monster Update

Still not potty trained and it seems like he never will be.  I am so sick of changing his diapers.  I'm finding it very difficult to get him in to the potty to sit and wait for him when Joey then climbs on the kitchen chairs onto the table, or gets in the bow window in the living room or does something else dangerous or destructive.  I can now have an actual conversation with him but he's still stubborn as a mule.  His food preferences are for dinosaur chicken nuggets, french fries and waffles.  He also really loves fruit so I'm trying to get as much of that into him as possible.  He's also a serious bully and I'm always yelling at him to stop beating up his brother.  But he's a big mush ball. He loves to snuggle and get kisses and hugs from his mom.  I feel horrible that by the time the evening rolls around, I'm touched out and don't want him clinging to me.  He says, "I love you mom" all the time now.

The little guy is climbing on everything.  He says 'mama' and 'dada', juice, peekaboo and a few other words.  I fear he is down to one nap a day.  He does the "so big" thing and smiles all the time.  He really is a very happy baby and when I yell at him, he flashes me a smile and he's just so cute that I melt.  He's grabbing at, opening up, pulling out and pulling down EVERYTHING in his path.  

So all this means that I am largely stressed out and annoyed most of the time.  It's frustrating to me that people think SaHMs sit on their asses all day and have it so easy.  I'd much rather be sitting in an office, doing whatever, than be clung to, climbed on, screamed at, cried at, etc. 


It's been a bad morning so far.



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May. 23rd, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
Aaron refuses to go potty a lot too. Except in public. He loves to pee at Target.
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