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Like a faucet

The boys are mobile snot machines.  They're both so sick with a stupid cold and getting them to medicate is near impossible.  I did get these nifty Triaminic cold strips that melt on the tongue-- like those Listerine strips-- and they're great.  But they don't put enough in the box for two sick boys.  I ran out yesterday.  I borrowed some chewable tablets from Amy over the weekend and those worked great too because I told Andy they were candy.  I just need to get out to the store to buy more of either or both or something. 

They're both just so darned whiny when they're sick. 

Joey has vomitted twice since Friday.  Not to be too disgusting but it was essentially curdled milk in a phlegm suspension.  Pretty gross, but also fairly easy to clean up. 

Andy seems okay except for the stuff coming out of his nose. 

Poor me, I'm starting to feel sick and I just can't manage everything and recuperate at the same time.  Just so it's on record: this sucks!



Feb. 22nd, 2007 01:51 am (UTC)
Runny Rhino lolly pops
i love them
suckers with vitamin c and zinc
coughdrops on a stick for kids
also good with immune system
they rock :) my mommy send them to me when i am sick