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New peoples people!

If you are interested in friending new people on LJ (friends of friends), then reply to this post. You can either just reply with something simple like "others are welcome to add me", or you can tell a little bit about yourself and invite others that have things in common with you to friend you. Does that make sense? So, reply to my post if you want new friends. That will let others on my friends list know that it's ok to add you and you should add them back. Then post this in Your journal it will give us a chance to friend your journal buddies :)


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Feb. 19th, 2007 01:30 pm (UTC)
I like new friends! A bit about me... I'm almost 30, married to a cop, have a bunch of health issues I'm sorting out (namely lupus). No kids. I don't work right now but used to do lighting for movies and more recently worked as an extra on tv shows. I used to be on WC with the name "Lyddy". I'm a nice person who doesn't "snark" on others. I'm caring, honest and try to be a good friend. Oh, and I live in L.A.
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