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Buffy Obsession Update

Last night I watched FIVE episodes. I'm more than halfway through the second season now.   

I saw:
Bad Eggs
Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

I'm really digging the whole "Angel's lost his soul and is a bastard again" story arc.  I can see myself getting sucked into Angel next.  Whoo hoo.  

I was at Costco last night, where I've been buying the DVDs for like $17/season, and I wanted to get Season 4 but Steve was mean and said NO. He mentioned something about my birthday coming up soon.  Oh yeah, I forgot I get to have one of those.  But since it's also Joey's 1st birthday I think most people are gonna forget about me.  I'll consider myself lucky if I get a card!  I know we'll probably focus on Joey in terms of celebrating.  <shrug>

Anyway, I guess I have to repost my wish list and add Buffy/Angel to it... 

BTW-- Is anyone else watching The Dresden Files on the sci-fi network?  It's pretty good.  You can download the first episode from iTunes for free or they're showing both of the episodes that have previously aired on Sunday night at 9 & 10.  I'm gonna tape them in the bedroom while we're watching the game. 

Oh, and Go Bears!