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Cape May getaway weekend

It's Monday morning and I am exhausted.  I went to Cape May, NJ-- the furthest south you can be in NJ and still be in NJ--to go to an all-weekend crop organized by my little scrapbooking group.  We rented a huge victorian house for the weekend just off the ocean but I spent most of my time at my table. 

I actually didn't have a really great time.  I was the last one to arrive because Steve had to work late.  So I drove out to his office with the kids and swapped cars with him.  He went out to Wayne and Amy's and I went southeast to Cape May.  I should have known it would all go downhill when his car was being awful during the drive.  It was sputtering and coughing and I was totally afraid it wasn't going to make it. 

When I got there, I found that the last open table spot was literally in a doorway.  I was sharing the table with a woman I'd never met before (a friend of a friend) and she was an encroacher-- meaning she was taking up more than her half of the table.  Plus she was loud and obnoxious.  :(  So sitting in the doorway, I had little room to move and little room to put my stuff.  The woman at the next table, who I normally like, must have complained 50 times that my stuff was in her way.  Grrr. 

Friday night was okay.  I was assigned to sleep on the bottom of a bunk bed thing where the bottom bunk was a full size futon.  I kept rolling into the middle and it creaked loudly everytime I moved.  But I was so tired I slept well. 

Saturday we took a group picture out on the beach.  I felt a little strange and awkward.  I hadn't noticed it the night before but it seemed like everyone came in pairs.  Little friend couplets that I didn't have.  So after the group picture, people were posing for pictures with their friends.  I sat on a dune by myself and watched and felt really out of place. 

Later that afternoon we decided to order chinese for dinner and a menu was passed around.  This one woman was being a real pain in the ass and kept asking where the menu was, who had the menu, etc.  After the 10th time I turned to her and jokingly said, "Hang on, it's coming, you don't have to be so cranky."  

She got all snotty with me and did the head wiggle thing and said, "You do not get to call me names." I thought it was weird and harsh and got all upset and went upstairs to use my cell phone.  I fell asleep.  

A little while later my roommate came up and called me down for games and I was glad she did because I won a scrap tote that I really wanted and had almost bought at Michael's on Thursday. That was definitely the high point of my weekend. I love that bag!

Saturday night before going to bed, I packed up all of my stuff so it would be ready to go.  I woke up, did my assigned chore and left.  It was pouring the whole drive home and Steve's car was acting up.   I got home to an empty house and it was so weird.  I had a few hours to myself at home and I missed my babies so much.  

So, I don't know if it was the company or me or just bad luck but my weekend totally sucked. 


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Nov. 13th, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
Sorry your weekend wasn't the best. I would never have let you sit on that dune all by yourself!! But hey, at least you won something and the car didn't die :)
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