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It's the day before Halloween and the only one of the three kids with a costume is Andy and I'm not sure it's going to fit. I clearly fail as a mother. So I looked up some costume ideas online and I need to go through Joey's clothes and see if I can pull something together. I hope it's warm enough outside tomorrow to go trick-or-treating for a little while.

Our weekend was good. Wayne, Amy and Lexi were here (as has become the norm--they're here or we're there...) Hung out on Friday, went to dinner and the movies Saturday and saw The Prestige, which I highly recommend. Hung around the house yesterday and made a big pot of chicken soup. So, I guess it was quiet, but it was good.

Joey can sit up by himself now. He's so darned cute. He's always smiling and laughing, but now the poor guy has a cold and he's all congested and feels crappy. Plus, I totally ran out of formula. I thought I had another canister in the cabinet, but alas, I don't and I am trapped in the house. So I am trying to keep him happy and good with baby food until Steve gets home.

Andy is obsessed with the VCR. First thing I did today was to pull a bunch of stuff out of it so we could put the Spirit of Mickey tape in. He's talking so much more now. I am so proud of him.

Rachel is the same. That's always the answer. She still does stuff too slowly and it generally a space cadet, but she's getting good grades this year and she's trying really hard to do what she's told. And that's a good thing.