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Weekend Update

I just had the awesome-est weekend.  I went down to Atlanta (again) with Wayne to go to the Falcons game and to attend the Falcons Message Board Get Together-- essentially, all the die hard Falcons fans who post on their message board get together and drink themselves silly.

The whole weekend was weird.  It started out I got to the airport early and tried to get on an earlier flight stanbdby.  The early flight was overbooked and I had to wait until the later flight, which wasn't going to get in until11:30 or so.  I was starving-- I had rushed out to the airport because I wanted to leave earlier and I hadn't eaten all day.  So there was a TGI Fridays in the gate area.  It was totally packed so I stood around waiting for someone to get up.  Two guys called me over to sit with them and because I was so hungry and it was a public place, I did.  They were all kinds of weird and trying to pick me up. I was uncomfortable but didn't know how to extract myself at that point.  Wayne called to tell me his other friend (Mike) from NJ was going to be on my flight and that we was looking for me.   It took Mike awhile to find me (apparently there are 2 TGI Fridays at Newark Airport) but he did save me from the weird guys.  

Mike and I were on the same flight.  It seemed to take forever and I couldn't sleep.  Wayne met us at the airport and we were having such a good time laughing and joking around that we missed our stop on the train.  

Saturday morning we just kinda hung out and then walked around for a long time trying to find a place to have lunch.  Saturday night was the big Falcons Message Board Get Together-- a slew of crazy Falcons fans converging on the hotel pool area to drink (a lot of) beer and grill burgers and dogs and generally have a good time.  It was crazy.  I got absolutely smashed on Mike's Hard Limeade.  We hung out until the wee hours.  

Sunday was the game.  Whooo hooo.  We missed the big message board raffle because it took forever to get a train to the Dome.  The Falcons kicked ass.  We went to the players lot again afterward and I got to have my picture with Austin King from the last game autographed.  He and I chatted for a bit.  I showed him my NU tattoo.   He showed me his NU flip flops that he wears in the locker room.  I introduced myself.  It was cool.  Also got my picture taken with Patrick Kerney and Coach Mora.  

Went to dinner with Wayne and Mike at Fire of Brazil and it was awesome. 


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Oct. 3rd, 2006 07:46 am (UTC)
Sounds like fun! :) Pictures pictures!!! :)

Any plans for this upcoming weekend? It's FIVE years my twinsie! :)
Oct. 3rd, 2006 11:45 am (UTC)
I have no idea what we're doing this weekend because Nela is scheduled for her c-section on FRIDAY- which is my parents 33rd Anniversary. I'm hoping that we'll go up to see the baby on Saturday and be able to leave the kids with my mom or Aunt so we can go out to dinner.

I can't believe it's been 5 years already! I am so excited.

Pictures coming up!

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