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I am trying my best to recover from one of the best weekends I have ever had with friends. Wayne and Amy finally arrived, after getting lost on the Garden State Parkway a couple of times, at 12:30 a.m. We stayed up until 5. I was up at 7 am on Saturday because Joey wanted to be fed and I wanted to make a nice breakfast for everyone and get a start on the stuff we'd need for dinner. Steve went to work around noon-- he couldn't find anyone to cover an open 4 hours-- and had to stay until 4.

It rained on and off all weekend and they'd planned on, and in fact had promised their daughter a trip to the beach. We put it off all day on Saturday, preferring instead to talk and watch the kids play together. Their daughter, Lexi, is just the cutest little girl I've ever seen. She kept wanting to "help" the "little guy" walk and run and play. The "little guy" is Andy, who has a good 10 pounds on her. Those two little toddlers kept ending up either in bed or in the closet together. It was adorable but Wayne kept saying something about a shotgun and keeping a close eye on Lexi and her boyfriends. ;)

Sunday was just as grey and miserable outside. Steve had to work from 8 to 4. After putzing around all morning, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese and then to the beach, in the rain, because Lexi had her heart set on it.

On the way back home from the beach, we did a quick stop (ha ha) at the Quick Stop, the convenience store in Leonardo, where Clerks was filmed.

They didn't leave here until around 9 p.m. and even then, none of us wanted them to go. It was just awesome. We're already trying to figure out when we can get together again.