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Hershey Park

Drove out to central PA on Friday night to spend Saturday at Hershey Park with friends.  I have wanted to go since I was a little kid and never made it out there so this kinda a big deal for me.   I'm editing pictures now so I'll be able to post some later.  

We went all through the park and put the kids on lots of little guy rides.  We went on the Kissing Tower which I really didn't like at all even though the view was phenomenal.    It made me really nervous.  We went on something called Patriot Gliders or something like that and those made me nervous too. 

My high point was defintiely riding the Wildcat... for obvious reasons!  It was a fantastic wooden coaster.  Pretty smooth with just enough jostle and bounce so you really felt it.  Fantastic. 

Joey was an angel as usual and Andy was actually very well behaved.  I don't remember any tantrums in particular and after one small freak out on the merry go round he actually enjoyed a couple of rides. 

Pics to follow.