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The Plague: Day 3

I still feel like crap.  My nose is all chapped and sore and I have to keep blowing it. 

I was on AIM last night chatting with one of my friends and I realized what a crappy year, in terms of illness, 2006 has been for me so far.  I've had the flu at least three times.  Placenta abrupta sent me to the hospital six weeks early, on my birthday, in a blizzard to deliver Joey prematurely, via emergency c-section.  I was back in the hospital in March in massive pain to have my gall bladder removed and now I'm sick again. 

Whoever is in charge of this stuff, thanks, but I've had enough.  I'd like to get back to my regularly scheduled life now. 

My house is a disaster zone because I just don't feel like cleaning.  I'm tired and it's waay too damn hot outside.

Okay, enough whining...