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Jul. 27th, 2006

Steve is at traffic court right now, arguing his way out of (I hope) a bogus parking ticket.  Around 10 pm, he went down by the amusement park in our little town to pick up dinner at this new Portuguese/Spanish BBQ place that opened and pulled in front of the place to run in and a local cop stopped him and gave him a ticket for parking at a yellow curb.  

Here's the curb during the day... 

Here's the curb at night

Is it easy to tell that the curb yellow?  Especially when compared to the yellow lines down the middle of the road?  

The real kicker is that the two times Steve went down there to take pictures, there were a pair of cops at the intersection.  There were two motorcycles parked in the obviously yellow curb zone right in front of where they were standing.  The cops were talking to the drivers of the motorcycles (obvious from the helmets they were holding) and no ticket. 

There's an SUV parked where Steve was parked in the pictures, again right in front of the cops.  No ticket.

So, Steve moved the car around the corner, picked up our food and came home fuming.  I talked him down, he called the court to ask for a date and we sort of forgot about it.  Until 2 days ago when a SECOND ticket came in the mail from Enterprise (he had been driving the rental car we had a few weeks ago) for a meter violation when he parked the car a second time.  It was written at the same time as the first ticket (10:09 pm) but the cop never put it on the windshield!  Steve is livid and I'm sort of worried about how it's going over there.  I can't wait for him to get home.


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Jul. 27th, 2006 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they definitely need some yellow paint there, if they mean it. Sounds to me like that cop was looking for an excuse to write a ticket so he looked for a part of the curb where most of the paint was gone.

They could always get this guy to paint:

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