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The quiet of naptime: baby updates

Andy is napping for the first time all week. The poor little guy is so afraid of missing something interesting that he fights to stay awake. Last night he ran into his room, crawled into his bed and conked out. At six o'clock.

He's been doing so many new cute things lately. He runs into any room and says, "Hi!" with this big smile, like he didn't see you just a second ago. He looks for numbers everywhere and points them out to me-- Three! right there on Joey's diaper. Nine! on daddy's hat. It's really sweet. He'll also take prompts well. Our favorite is Old MacDonald had a farm, to which he either replies E-I-E-I-O or COW! Because it's always a cow on Old MacDonald's farm.

Joey is the easiest baby ever- knock on wood so I don't jinx myself! He is doing really well with baby food and is the same way Andy was-- that is, he won't eat any of the green vegetables, but loves the orange ones.

We had him laying on the carpet in the living room last night and he almost rolled over. Like if he moved his leg one more inch, gravity would have pulled him over. Then he fell asleep. I guess is was a lot of work for such a little guy. Today he is five months old, by the way. I can't believe how time flies.

I have to go to the post office today and mail off some diapers I sold and then I need to start hunting for new ones. If anyone has medium sized fuzzibunz they're looking to sell, I'm your man- or woman. Whatever.