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5 minutes to myself...

I think both the boys are sleeping... it's been a heck of a day already. 

Friday morning my mom came down with my nephew.  We had all the kids outside in the yard practically all day.  Andy played in his pool, Rachel and Foobs were running back and forth through the sprinkler and Joey slept in his bouncy seat.  I set up my canopy things for shade and it was just a really nice day. 

I woke up Saturday morning in a snit with Steve.   So deep in a snit that I actually got dressed, got in the car and left to go shopping, essentially dumping the kids on him without so much as a word.  I went to Dunkin Donuts, Children's Wear and got Andy some summer clothes, Lowe's for painting supplies and new numbers for the house, and Costco for my weekly groceries in bulk.  

When I got home we settled my beef with him and embarked on painting our bedroom furniture.  Steve's had it since before we met and it's not *bad* furniture.  It's actually made of wood and is very study, shaped well, etc.  However, the finish on it is very weird.  It has a greenish cast to it and brass trim.  It's beat up and dated.  I have wanted to try painting it since forever and finally bought the primer and paint to do it.  We set up the canopies in the yard, filled the pool and worked on it all day while the kids played (Joey slept).  We only got the chest done but it looks AMAZING.  

After wrapping that up, Steve and I took the horde out to dinner at Chilis and came home and had an awesome night together.  We rented movies from Blockbuster but didn't watch them .  We were up until almost 3 just laying around talking.   I LOVE nights like that. 

Sunday we woke up to my friend Maria ringing the doorbell at 8:30.  Normally the kids have us up at 7.  I guess because we were so tired from not going to bed, that we didn't get up!  Arrrghh!  So I got dressed- QUICKLY- and went to answer the door.   We all were dressed and ready and made it to the restaurant at a reasonable time.  I love hanging out with Maria and I miss her so much since she moved to Wisconsin for work.  She's like my link to the single world, since she swears she's never getting married and having children.  Today is her birthday. 

After breakfast Steve mowed the lawn and we headed up to my mom's for some pool fun.  Andy has no fear of the water and just wants to flop around on his own.  It scares me.  We had dinner in my mom's yard, but coffee time was cut short by a sudden thunderstorm.  Steve and I left with the boys.  Rachel slept over my mom's.  

We planned to come home, measure the kitchen for laminate flooring (on sale this week at Costco!) and watch the movie.  Five minutes into mapping out the kitchen floor plan and measuring, the phone rang.  Steve's office.  He had to go in to work for 4 am because two of his people called out.  One was in an accident but the other called off with the excuse that "he just couldn't get there."  His people are, generally, incredibly irresposible and call off at the drop of a hat.  But this being a holiday weekend, he couldn't get coverage.  He's already short staffed.  So in he went and he doesn't know if he'll be getting off at 4 pm, 8 pm or midnight.  

So there went the plan to get the kitchen floor when Costco opened this morning.  

My mom came down and watched Joey and Rachel so I could take Andy to a birthday party.  We're home.  Waiting to hear from Steve.