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Joey's Baptism and aftermath

Yesterday was Joey's Baptism.  There were 6 other families having babies baptized in church yesterday and as a result, the ceremony was kind of weird.  The priest had all of the parents, godparents and babies kind of circle round the altar, we said our little piece about rejecting Satan and so forth, then each family went over to the Baptismal fount for the water pouring.  After that it was back around the altar for candle lighting, garment giving, annointing and so on.  It resulted in a very assembly-line feeling and impersonal ceremony.  I intend to write a letter to the rectory about it.  If it's a matter of having too many families to deal with at once then say no more than 3 babies per Sunday or schedule them in 15 minute intervals or something.  

We were the only family having a Baptism when we did Andy's and it was lovely.  I feel like Joey was gypped. 

We'd planned a small-ish BBQ type celebration afterward.  Sixteen people RSVPed that they were coming.  Five did not show up. So I had a ton of food and cake left over, which I sent with Steve to work today.  

Anyway, having uploaded all of the pictures taken yesterday, this morning I joined eDiets.  I started right away and just ate my prescribed lunch.  I have to remember to eat over the course of the day.  I have to drink more water and I have to get up off my ass and move away from the computer.  

(It's just diificult when it's my only link to the outside world most days!)


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Jun. 27th, 2006 10:44 am (UTC)
So did Nela believe it was his baptism or was she anticipating yet another shower? ;) Oh, and did she remember his card this time? LOL! :)

I intend to write a letter to the rectory about it.

That's my girl! I was waiting for it and you did not fail me. I love that you're all about the letter writing, just like I am. I contacted freakin' Jack in the Box yesterday because they sent B home with the wrong order! You should tell the church you want a re-do! :)

Umm... how do people have the NERVE not to show up to your cooking? There are girls in California who are CRAVING it! (Speaking of craving, did you ever see my post about how Cravings at the Mirage this last time just wasn't as good?)

So you mentioned pictures. Where are they???
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