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Who's going home?!?!?!?

American Idol!  OH MY GOD.  I supposed I should have known that I can't trust America to vote correctly since W was re-elected!  Yikes.  I can't believe they sent Chris home. 

Last night I was completely flabbergasted.  Steve and I sat around and discussed it for a little while and (like I posted in mommycal's journal) perhaps this is the best thing for him.  I'm sure he's gotten offers for recording contracts.  This way, he's not stuck recording some schlocky, inspirational pop tune like "Inside Your Heaven" or "A Moment Like This."  (I can't even remember was Fantasia or Ruben's songs were!)  He's really a hard rocker and that kind of album just wouldn't be as good as something more fast paced with a harder edge.  He still has gotten tons of exposure and now he has a little time to kill before starting the Idol tour-- which I totally want to see this year! 

I still think it should have been Kat and judging from the look on her face, so did she!  

I really thought that Chris would be the winner this year.  Now my prediction is for Elliott and Taylor in the finals, with Taylor winning.  I love him more and more each week.  

I also found a recording of him singing "Georgia on my Mind" that is absolutely amazing.  It's not from Idol because it's 8 minutes long. 



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May. 11th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
I don't watch Idol much, but I was shocked too. I agree that Chis will have some offers and now won't be tied down to their contract. I would consider buying a Chris D CD (I typed record...). But, I haven't bought any CD's in AGES, so I probably wouldn't. Unless he did music for kids. ;)
May. 11th, 2006 01:34 pm (UTC)
can we hear the song or can you please post a link to the song?

I love taylor and have from the very beggining. It's going to be interseting. Have you been calling in and voting every week for Chris?
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