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Weekend Stuff

Friday night was the sixth anniversary of the day Steve and I met.  He'd planned this whole spectacular night out at the place where we had our wedding.  They were having a Vegas Revue dinner and show thing: music by the Rat Pack and Bobby Darin, impersonators, yadda yadda yadda.  He arranged babysitters and had the whole thing planned out in a very un-Steve-like fashion.  So I spent all day primping in a very un-Juli-like fashion and it seemed like he came home from work and we were out the door. 

I should have known something was up when we walked in to the bar area to wait for the doors to open.  I was the youngest person in the room by a decade or so.  No big deal, I guess.  Steve and I are sort of unusual in our love of Frankie and Deano.  So, we sat at our table at the farthest point in the room from the stage.  It was set for ten and we found it was only for the two of us.   A manager later moved us to the front table.  Dinner was okay, nothing special.  We were more interested in the show.

First they brought out a comedian who had us laughing out heads off.  The second comedian sucked @ss.  Then came the singers. Who were atrocious.  Basically the show was karaoke.   Not even good karaoke.  Apparently, the originally booked act canceled at the last minute and the management replaced them with these two guys from Brooklyn.  Awful isn't strong enough a word.  Steve and I left early.

Saturday we went to my mom's because I needed to use mapquest to get directions to Philadelphia and my DSL was down (and continues to be, I am actually on an old dialup modem we had laying around).

Sunday was AWESOME!!! I got up at 7:30 and was in Philadelphia by 11 to see usedmonk  (Andy's godfather) who was in town on business.  I picked him up at his hotel and drove several blocks away to park and walk back to a restaurant across the street from his hotel.  (Really a brilliant move considering thr low 90s heat!)  We had lunch at the Independence Brew Pub and chatted non-stop for three hours.   He tells me that he and his fiancee have finally set a date for their wedding in the spring of next year.  YAY!  That gives me ten months to diet and save for a trip to Michigan.  I wish we had longer.  I always wish I had more time with Tim. 

I dropped him off at the airport and headed home, forgetting that it was Sunday afternoon and I was heading north.  I sat in bumper-to-bumper, leaving-the-shore traffic for three hours.  I was supposed to meet Steve at the Amusement Park, but by the time I got there, he'd already gone home.