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Friday the 13th strikes again...

Steve just called me because the #%*&!#$*%$ day care just called to say that Andy's running a fever and he's lethargic and sleepy and they wanted to know if one of us could come get him and take him to the pedi. Steve told them that I can't leave the office today and that he could most likely get there to pick the baby up around 1.

He was a little warm when I dropped him off but I attributed that to his teeth. They asked if they could give him some Motrin. We said yes. We forgot to leave a bottle there so they have to "borrow" from someone else. I'll leave a full bottle there on Monday.


I so need to find a way to stay at home with my kids. Even if I end up earning money by stuffing envelopes at home, there's got to be a way.



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Jan. 13th, 2006 04:21 pm (UTC)
Our daycare only gives us 1 hour to pick up the kids once they call. I have a 45 min. commute from work-daycare so it makes it tough. Sometimes I need a few minutes to get things wrapped up at work before I leave.

I hope Andy feels better soon! Poor little guy!
Jan. 13th, 2006 04:35 pm (UTC)
Steve and I are both the same way-- the day care is near our house because I drop off and he picks up. But we both work an hour away from home. They're generally pretty good about how long it takes for us to get there but they call us to come get him ALL THE TIME.
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